Membership & FAQs

Please note: Membership fees for 2017 are now due.

What are the benefits of joining the SSJC?   

A community and volunteers who enrich each other by sharing the joys of Jewish life.

– Volunteers who will assist you in the important moments of your life;
– A Jewish education for your children;
– The great festivals and holidays near you;
– Many events, conferences and other programs designed to enrich, educate and entertain you;

Who can be a member?

– Any person of the Jewish faith, his descendants and all members of his immediate family are eligible to be members of the Community.Membership is open to everyone, family or couple or individual who account a Jewish adult in the family.

What are the membership dues?

–  60$ for a single person or 120$ for a familly

What will happen if I can not afford to pay the membership dues?  

– No applicant shall be denied membership for financial reasons. We will find ways to use your voluntary services in exchange for your dues.

How do I reserve my seat for the High Holidays?

– Each member in good standing is entitled to one place. A small fee will be charged for reservations.

How do I register?

Contact our president, Jacques Saada, or Rosalie Miller-Hodson, who will be happy to help you and give you the information you need.

You may find all the required membership forms in the “Documentation” section of this site.